Trendy, Comfortable, and Popular Gym Wear For Men

Gym wear has always been dominated by Nike and Adidas, topping the list and being the biggest-selling names in the clothing business. Now more and more of us are taking up fitness programs and workout routines; no wonder the market is booming… we spend a lot of time in our sweats as we do our work wear, so don’t you think that you must invest in the correct clothing. Express yourself from the wardrobe and feel confident in those garments.

At least get rid of those worn-out sports tops that you may think need replacing with purpose-built attire; there is no other better time to dress in stylish top clothes than when you are putting in a hard workout, so we have given you an upgrade information kit, plus the Shapeshift fitness picks that we think are the best gym clothes that are on the market right now, if you are wondering where to keep those new clothes we also have a list for the best gym bags and even workout trainers…

Positives and Negatives of Different Materials

Gym clothes are commonly made from a combination of materials, by bringing them together to get the best of everything. Still, it is always essential to check the advantages and disadvantages of every material and what you can expect to gain from them.



  • Soft
  • Strong
  • Breathable


  • Absorbs the moisture
  • Will wrinkle
  • Very common for it to shrink if not washed properly



  • Comfortable
  • Elasticated
  • Strong


  • It may be too tight if you prefer looser-fitting clothing
  • Not breathable so that you may get hotter over time or when working out
  • Sensitive to the heat



  • Lightweight for easier mobility
  • Durable
  • Thin


  • It will pick up odors very quickly and need special treatment to eliminate them.
  • Not breathable
  • Not a sustainable form of wear.

Merino wool


  • Very breathable
  • sustainable
  • it is naturally antimicrobial


  • It can be pretty pricey
  • Not as soft as other materials are
  • Less durable, and a few synthetic

How do I Choose what to Wear to the Gym?

The outfit you wear at the gym depends on your workout routine that day; you can even plan throughout the week so that it will save time in the morning/evening. If you plan to push some weights, you will want shoes with a flat base for stability. Loose-fitting tracksuit bottoms and a comfortable t-shirt that is roomy to allow for lifting with a full range of motion. Or you prefer not to weight lift, and you love cardio and want to jump on the treadmill, you will want a lightweight running shoe, a top that will allow moisture and keep you cool, and a light pair of running shorts; it is nothing over complicated so don’t overthink! and if you are struggling we have help on hand – email

What Top to Wear

Suppose you are working out and you are doing so to your best ability. In that case, whether that be at home with dumbbells, kettlebells, and resistance bands or at the gym, you will want a top that will quickly clear up any moisture coming from your body coming and dry it up just as quickly. Sports brands out there have already trademarked their names for the process, such as the famous Nike Dri-fit range, which is a fabric with high-end performance microfiber construction that supports the body’s naturally occurring cooling system. It does this by taking your body’s sweat and dispersing it evenly all over the surface of the clothing so that the evaporation process speeds up. We also like Lululemons metal vent tech that adds sweat and odor-resistant features that are knitted into it already where it is needed the most to give you a comfortable workout.

What Bottoms to Wear

You will want to wear something that will provide you with comfort whatever workout you are doing, either that be running shorts or training shorts; the training shorts will be longer than the running which will fall just above the knee, made that way to inhibit the movement of your leg during the training exercise that you are doing, they will usually also have pockets when most times running shorts do not. But do not think you can’t get running shorts without pockets when you can, and if you do, well, you are on to a winner, as running shorts are for freedom and movement, so they are the go-to choice for cardio-focused training.

The Base layer

It’s important to understand that men’s tights should only be worn as a base layer, underneath a pair of shorts, while working out in the gym. Not only is it inappropriate to wear them on their own, but it can also be uncomfortable and unappealing for others to see the outline of your, you know… That said, incorporating base layers like men’s tights into your gym attire is beneficial for a few reasons. Firstly, base layers are great for keeping you warm when training outdoors and absorbing sweat for added comfort. When it comes to performance, base layers provide support for your muscles and joints, reducing the risk of injury. Some fitness experts even argue that base layers enhance muscle activation during exercise.Lastly, base layers can also enhance your overall appearance by exaggerating the silhouette of your muscles, particularly in areas such as the calves and shoulders. Men’s tights can be a great addition to your gym kit if worn and used properly.

What Shoes Should I Wear to the Gym?

When choosing a pair of gym trainers, knowing what type of training you will do the most or what training plan you will take up is important. Once you have identified how to use them, it is time to start picking. Below are the types and what they are used for.

Training shoe

Training shoes have a broad spectrum; they are designed for a range of activities and daily wear if you like their look! But, if you do a lot more heavy lifting or powerlifting, there will be better options for you. Even hitting the track will be challenging in that type of shoe.

One of the key features that sets training shoes apart from other types of athletic footwear is their thicker midsoles. The thicker midsoles provide a cushioned feel that helps absorb impact and reduce stress on the feet and joints, preventing injury. Another critical aspect of training shoes is their upper construction. Unlike specialized shoes, such as running shoes or basketball shoes, training shoes typically have non-specialized upper structures. This means they are not explicitly designed for a particular activity or sport. Instead, they are intended to provide general support and comfort for various activities. While training shoes are an excellent choice for general physical exercise, their thicker midsoles and non-specialized upper constructions may limit their potential to perform well in more niche training settings, making them uncomfortable for you!

Cross-training shoe

Cross-training shoes are a specialized type of training shoe that is designed to provide optimal performance in a wide range of training settings. Unlike general training shoes designed for comfort and support during general physical activity, cross-training shoes are built with specific construction characteristics that allow them to excel in various activities. One of the critical features of a cross-training shoe is its medium to high-density midsoles. These midsoles provide added stability during weightlifting and other activities that require a lot of lateral movement. This added stability allows for better form and reduces the risk of injury. Another vital aspect of cross-training shoes is their upper construction. These shoes are built with durable materials that can withstand the demands of diverse training activities. This means they are more resistant to wear and tear and can hold up to an intense training session, well many sessions, actually, so you can go full beast mode! Examples of cross-training shoes include the Under Armour HOVR Rise 3, On Cloud X, and Reebok Speed TR. These shoes are designed with specific construction characteristics that make them top performers in various activities, especially cross-training.

Cross-fit shoe

CrossFit workouts are among the most demanding on footwear due to their varied and challenging nature but do not fear, cross-fit will get you in shape in no time. These high-intensity, functional movement-based exercises require footwear that can handle various activities, including weightlifting, running, and calisthenics. This means that your CrossFit shoes need elements from the best gym trainers, weightlifting, and running shoes. When you’re pushing yourself to the limit during your workout, your footwear is the last thing you want to worry about. Investing in high-quality, durable CrossFit shoes will ensure that your shoes are up to the task and won’t be a distraction during your workout. When shopping for CrossFit shoes, there are several key features to look for to ensure they will meet the demands of your workout. Having enough room in the toe box is very important to allow your toes to spread out when lifting and not to cause friction when working out, as this can cause blistering too; having enough room will improve stability and form. The heel should also slide well on the wall during handstand push-ups for better movement. And remember, the side of the shoe should have a rugged texture to provide grip during rope climbs. This will help you to climb with more confidence and stability.

The Brands to Know and Wear In 2023

Feeling like you belong at the gym can make a big difference in your motivation. And having the right gym clothes can help boost your confidence and make you feel like a pro. With so many options available, figuring out where to start can take time and depend on a budget because some brands can be pricey. From classic sportswear brands to new innovators, there are plenty of options. With advancements in materials and designs made to be seen, it’s essential to consider the fit, color, and overall style of your gym clothes. Here’s a guide on the brands out there and what style they are going for; so we have put together a list for you, and hopefully, you will see something you like.

New Balance

It’s easy to think of New Balance as just a sneaker company that’s popular among people like Steve Jobs and Larry David, but they offer so much more than that. Not only do they make great technical shell jackets for running, but they also have a great selection of gym gear. If you frequently use the treadmill and spin bike, you’ll love their London Acceptance Q Speed Fuel 7-inch Shorts. They’re comfortable, breathable, and do an excellent job of wicking away sweat. Plus, the side drop-in and rear zip pockets are perfect for holding your keys and wallet while working out.


We all know that Nike is one of the best sports clothing brands in the world; whether you are investing in good running shoes like the Zoom Alphaflys or even buying some Nike pro underlayers, you know you can count on them. Even the Nike pro-half-zip training hoodie has a dual-layer design with side seams that are zipped so that the airflow can be adjusted when you are exercising. Nike tech is also a very popular line that often sells out due to its fashionable look, Meaning it can also be worn out of the gym for casual sweats. The Nike Tech range is always more pricey, though, as it is a more premium design.


This brand is very well known for there Yoga equipment and all the accessories that come with it. They have taken their expertise and took it to another level. If you like the brand, they do any training gear you want or need for the gym. Such as lightweight tees, long-sleeve tops, jumpers, running shorts, and joggers; like Nike, the brand is very fashionable, so wearing them at home will be no problem either. Try the relaxed fit training joggers with a roomy fit and a four-way stretch.


Gymshark is one of the most motivating apparel success stories of recent years. The company was founded a decade ago by Ben Francis, who is still only 30 years old, which is extremely impressive! And has grown into one of the UK’s fastest-growing companies. It started with a drop-shipping business for bodybuilding supplements, but now it’s a multi-million-pound operation. Gymshark offers a wide range of products that cater to different areas of the gym, from general fitness to lifting, and even offers fits that cater to bulkier bodybuilding frames.

Iffley Road

Iffley Road is a brand that was born out of the 2012 Olympics. The husband-and-wife team behind it, both in love with running, wanted to create sportswear that looked stylish while still comfortable ( the best combo ). The brand is named after the Oxford running track where Sir Roger Bannister ran the first sub-four-minute mile. Their products are truly handsome and will look good on anyone. They use super soft, delicate gauge base layers of Merino wool that will wick away sweat and harness natural antibacterial properties. They also offer slim-fit joggers made of Italian microfleece that provide a gentle stretch.

Under Armour

When one of the most famous actors uses this brand and collaborates with them, that someone being Dwayne the Rock Johnson, you know they mean business. Even Stephen curry approves. The brand takes materials and construction seriously and has made a good path regarding training wear. The Merdian tapered pants are specially designed for softness and are a 4-way stretch material, meaning they will make it through the tough workouts you will put them through.


Adidas is one of two major players on our list, and it feels wrong to talk about one instead of the other… Like many other brands on this list, Adidas is known for its impressive technology and craftsmanship. Their Terrex Drynamo material is a lightweight and breathable baselayer option for those who prefer it. They also offer HIIT-specific sweatshirts, bottoms, and many other workout-specific gears, so they have you covered if you are a weight pusher or a running lover. Recently, they collaborated with Peloton and came out with some sleek, breathable workout gear made from recycled materials. Can’t go wrong with the famous three stripes.


CDLP do it all, from underwear to gym wear; the design is luxury and does come with a hefty price tag depending on your budget. It has turned into an international brand, with the clothing being made from recycled and organic materials, which is always a plus. The brand is serious when it comes to gym wear. The extra details that come along with the clothing are notable such as enhanced flexibility, non-chafing seems, and mesh venting. The moisture-wicking is what you want in gym wear, so we suggest not hesitating with this one.


Pangaia is not your ordinary fashion company; it’s a game-changer. It’s a material science company that was formed to design clothes out of their environmental mess, using the expertise of designers, technologists, and scientists. Their garments are infused with smart technology, and it’s especially evident in their gym gear which we are impressed with! The brand’s activewear zipped long-sleeve shirt and leggings are made from a revolutionary lightweight bio-based nylon made from castor oil – a non-food crop. The leggings have unique stitching that promotes breathability and are treated with BioWick, a plant-based treatment that absorbs sweat. Get ready to elevate your workout with Pangaia’s cutting-edge activewear.

Outdoor Voices

The brand makes gym wear look simple; they are premium garments for everyday use and will also look flawless in the gym. The clothing is made for free movement and sweaty hard-working exercise, and all the materials they use are Fair Trade certified.

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