SimplyCook Box Meals Review: Taste Meets Convenience

In today’s fast-paced world, the time to prepare wholesome, delicious meals can feel like an uphill battle. Enter SimplyCook, the game-changer of ready-to-cook meal boxes seamlessly blending convenience with culinary delight. Our ‘SimplyCook Box Meals: Taste Meets Convenience’ article deepens into this innovative solution that brings a gourmet dining experience into your kitchen.


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What is SimplyCook?

At its core, SimplyCook is the brainchild of Oli Ashness, a visionary with a simple mission: to inspire even the busiest individuals to embrace home cooking and explore diverse, intriguing recipes. Unlike its counterparts, SimplyCook doesn’t deliver a box brimming with every ingredient needed for a meal. Instead, it cleverly embodies the essence of convenience with its letterbox-friendly format.

Each SimplyCook delivery offers four unique ‘recipe kits’. These aren’t your ordinary meal kits but carefully curated collections of dry ingredients housed in individual pots. To bring these recipes to life, you only need to supplement them with fresh ingredients from your kitchen. It’s a fresh, innovative take on the recipe kit service, designed for the convenience of the modern home cook.

SimplyCook recipe choices

The SimplyCook recipe catalogue boasts diverse global cuisines, ranging from the exotic flavours of Iran to the vibrant zest of Mexico. Predominantly, the meals are heartwarming dishes like stews, curries, and other comfort food served in bowls, catering to various dietary preferences, including light, gluten-free, and vegetarian options.

What sets SimplyCook apart is its customizable approach to home cooking. Each box contains recipe cards, pastes, and seasonings. The rest? That’s up to you. You can choose your fresh ingredients from your favourite local stores or suppliers, allowing you to control the quality and sourcing of your meal components.

The kits come with optional garnishes and serving suggestions, offering the flexibility to put your spin on the dishes, enhance the cooking experience, and make each meal your own.

What is in a SimplyCook box, and how many do I get?

Inside each SimplyCook box, you’ll discover a culinary adventure waiting to unfold. The box is thoughtfully packed with four distinct recipe cards, each promising a unique and delectable dining experience. Alongside these cards, you’ll find four compact boxes, each housing a trio of plastic pots filled with culinary treasures.
These pots are no ordinary ingredients; they’re the heart of the SimplyCook experience.

Brimming with vibrant spice blends and aromatic pastes, these ingredients are meticulously crafted to bring each recipe card to life. Each pot is a testament to the flavours and the essence of the cuisine it represents, ensuring that every meal you prepare with SimplyCook is a symphony of taste and aroma.

Are the ingredients it comes with good quality?

Our experience with the SimplyCook spice blends was truly remarkable. They were intensely robust, packed with a punch of bold flavours that elevated each dish to new culinary heights. Each kit also features concentrated stock pots, bringing depth and richness to the meals that truly tantalize the taste buds.

The beauty of SimplyCook lies in the fact that you, the user, control the remaining components of your meal. You have the liberty to handpick the freshest ingredients from your trusted sources, ensuring the overall quality of the final dish. SimplyCook provides the foundation, and you get to build upon it, creating meals that resonate with your taste and quality standards.

How do they get delivered to me?

One of the standout features of SimplyCook boxes is their letterbox-friendly design. You won’t have to rearrange your schedule or be home-bound to receive your delivery. However, it’s important to note that the delivery options must be customizable.

The boxes are dispatched through Royal Mail, striving to reach you within four days of your order. This quick and efficient service ensures you can start your SimplyCook culinary adventure in no time. Plus, with nationwide availability, no matter where you reside, you can enjoy the convenience and taste that SimplyCook offers.

How easy are the recipes?

The beauty of SimplyCook lies in its simplicity. There’s no need to be a professional chef or master intricate cooking techniques. The actual cooking times tended to exceed the estimated times by about 10 minutes in our experience.

Dispensing the dry spice mixes is a breeze. Still, some pastes can be slightly stubborn, requiring a gentle nudge with a teaspoon to ensure you utilise the complete quantity.

The recipe cards provide clear, easy-to-follow instructions. That said, it would be beneficial to include specifics about the size or dimensions of the pan or dish required for some recipes. This additional information would enhance the ease of use and make the cooking process even more seamless.

Does any go to waste?

One of the major advantages of the SimplyCook kit is its zero-waste design. Each tub’s entire content is used in the recipe, eliminating any waste from the kit. Depending on the quantities needed, some leftover ingredients from the fresh items you purchase separately might be leftover. This aspect does depend on your meal planning and grocery shopping habits. However, it’s an excellent opportunity to get creative and use any remaining ingredients in your next culinary creation.

What are the finished recipes like?

We were impressed with the results of the SimplyCook recipes. They closely resembled the images on the recipe cards, and the flavour balance was spot-on, eliminating the need for extra seasoning.

The diversity of dishes on offer was another high point. With an array of global cuisines, SimplyCook is an excellent platform for adventurous eaters keen on exploring new culinary landscapes from the comfort of their kitchens.

How many people does it serve?

Each SimplyCook recipe is designed to serve 2-4 individuals, and we found the servings quite substantial. The portions are adequate and very generous, ensuring a hearty meal for everyone at the table.

Who would it be most useful for?

SimplyCook is a perfect fit for those leading a fast-paced lifestyle yet harbour a keen interest in exploring diverse global cuisines. It’s also ideal for individuals with compact kitchens or restricted storage space.

Suppose you’re planning a self-catering holiday and want to indulge in home-cooked meals without lugging an array of spices, jars, and seasonings. In that case, SimplyCook comes to the rescue with its compact and well-curated meal kits.

Our favourite thing about the product

One of the significant advantages of SimplyCook is its flexibility. The sachets in the kit have an extended shelf-life, meaning you’re not bound by a tight deadline to prepare the recipes.

Delivery is as hassle-free as it gets. Thanks to the letterbox-friendly packaging, you don’t have to panic about being at home to receive your parcel.

What also struck us positively was the sheer ease of shopping for additional ingredients. Each recipe card has a detachable strap that doubles as a handy shopping list. And if you misplace the paper copy, don’t fret. You can download the SimplyCook app or access the required information directly from their website. Much thought and planning have been put into designing the SimplyCook experience.


Our exploration of SimplyCook Box Meals demonstrated a perfect harmony of taste and convenience. The service is impressively designed with the modern, busy individual in mind without compromising on the richness and diversity of flavours. Its letterbox-friendly packaging and extended shelf-life of ingredients offers flexibility that’s hard to find elsewhere.

The recipes were straightforward, with the result closely resembling the images on the recipe cards. The portions were generous, and the variety of available dishes catered to various taste buds and dietary preferences.

Shopping for additional ingredients was made easy with detachable shopping lists, and the ability to customize each meal with fresh ingredients gives users control over their dining experience. The potential for some ingredient leftovers encourages culinary creativity in your next meal prep.

Despite minor areas for improvement, such as including pan sizes in the instructions and some pastes requiring extra effort to use fully, SimplyCook stands out as a well-thought-out service. It’s a brilliant solution for those looking to explore new cuisines, limited by kitchen space, or planning self-catered holidays.

Suppose you’re seeking a meal kit service that pairs the thrill of culinary exploration with the comfort of home cooking. In that case, SimplyCook Box Meals is the gourmet adventure you’ve been waiting for. Taste truly meets convenience with SimplyCook, making it a worthy addition to your kitchen routine.