Gorilla Bow Review 2023: Fitness Tool Insight

Ever since the pandemic hit, we’ve noticed a significant increase in interest in home workout routines. Many, like us, faced the unfortunate closure of their favourite gyms due to the economic impact of the lockdown. This prompted a need for effective strength training solutions that could be implemented at home. Around this time, ads for the Gorilla Bow began appearing, and after careful thought and research, the decision was made to try it.

The Gorilla Bow is an extended bow-shaped metal bar with specially designed notches at each end for resistance bands. These bands are attached as if one were stringing a bow, opening up an entirely new realm of exercises for the home gym. This versatile piece of equipment allows for the workout of every major muscle group, from the shoulders down to the calves.

One potential drawback to note about the Gorilla Bow is the cost. The complete set of bands, ranging from 10lbs to 100lbs (including the shorter ones designed for chest workouts), can make this a rather expensive investment. However, the expense can be justified by the quality and versatility of activities it provides. Resistance bands, and by extension, the Gorilla Bow, activate many stabilization muscles that don’t rely on gravity. This unique approach necessitates rethinking one’s strength training strategy, but it’s far from a disadvantage.

Are you intrigued by the Gorilla Bow? Continue reading for our comprehensive Gorilla Bow review to determine if it fits your home fitness needs.


The Gorilla Bow is a versatile home workout tool, combining a sturdy aluminum bow with varied resistance bands, enabling a comprehensive range of strength training exercises with reduced injury risk.

Gorilla Bow build quality

When it comes to gym equipment, it’s crucial to opt for something robust, particularly if the intention is to lift “heavy.” The Gorilla Bow doesn’t disappoint in this respect, featuring an aluminium body and sturdy resistance bands.

As the moniker implies, the Gorilla Bow resembles an archery bow. The bands are affixed in the curved notches as if one were stringing a bow, resulting in a robust piece of equipment that unveils numerous exercise possibilities. The bow itself is constructed from solid metal, offering an easy-to-grip handle. The bands feel durable, but as with all resistance equipment, there’s an inherent risk of snapping and consequent injury. We’ve had the Gorilla Bow in our possession for over a year without feeling unsafe, but it’s important to remember that bands can snap unexpectedly.

The Gorilla Bow comes with a two-year warranty, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and a generous offer, especially considering the potential investment in the bow, its associated bands, and other accessories.


The Gorilla Bow is available in four different versions: Original, Lite, Travel, and Travel Lite. The Original variant, the model we’ve experienced, comes with a base package that includes four bands with resistances of 50lb, 30lb, 20lb, and 10lb. Additional bands are also available. The Lite version is more compact and lightweight, while the Travel variants are designed to disassemble for easy portability.

There’s also an option to purchase additional bands, including those meant for heavier workouts and chest sets. Among these are flat bands designed for exercises with a shorter range of motion and heavy bands with a total resistance of 220 pounds or ultra-heavy bands that can withstand up to 340 pounds of resistance. To soften the impact of the bands during exercises such as chest presses and weighted pushups, a protective sleeve can be layered over them.

An optional wall rack and travel-friendly protective cases are available for storing the Gorilla Bow and its bands. Additionally, you can buy extra bands, ranging from 10lb to 100lb, which can be added to your workout routine when you feel ready for increased resistance.


As previously mentioned, the Gorilla Bow opens up a whole new range of exercises for home workouts. It facilitates many free weight-style exercises you’re familiar with, such as bicep curls, squats, and shoulder presses. Some activities might require a change in orientation, like standing for chest presses or tricep extensions. Additionally, the Gorilla Bow offers instructional videos to guide users on how to exercise various muscle groups effectively. There’s also room for creativity; for instance, nearly all exercises have been performed using only the feet for band stabilization, save for the lat pulldown, which requires a higher anchor point.

The Gorilla Bow also offers a subscription-based workout program that provides access to various workout videos. This could help you maximize the utility of your Gorilla Bow, but it does come at a cost – £14.99 per month or £149.99 per year. If you’re deeply committed to fitness, this could be a cost-effective alternative to a gym membership. However, considering the initial investment in the Bow and bands, it could take some time for the costs to be offset when compared to conventional gym fees.

It’s worth mentioning that it is beneficial to approach your workout routines with a touch of inventiveness to keep your body in constant adaptation. For example, the Gorilla Bow is used three times a week for different focus areas: a day for the back and biceps, another for the chest, shoulders, and triceps, and a dedicated leg day (with abs). This routine has proven effective, offering ample recovery time for each muscle group.

The bands function similarly to other resistance bands, enabling exercises like hammer curls and delt flyes. While the Gorilla Bow may not offer the same range as free weights or machines, it offers impressive versatility. Building muscle mass with resistance bands may require some strategic planning and effort, but it is certainly achievable, contrary to some misconceptions.

Verdict of the Gorilla Bow

The Gorilla Bow deserves serious consideration if you consider enhancing your home workout regime. Although it’s pricier than typical resistance bands, it provides an extended range of capabilities that conventional bands don’t offer. It allows you to handle heavy loads with a significantly reduced risk of injury.

The Gorilla Bow has been a game-changer, negating the need for conventional weightlifting at the gym (though high-intensity interval training is still pursued four times a week). Considering the current fitness journey, the Bow provides a plethora of variety and ample growth potential — in terms of mass, strength, and power.

While resistance bands might not provide the same gratification as traditional weightlifting, their compactness and space-saving aspect, especially in a home office or gym setting, earn them due respect. The Gorilla Bow has been instrumental in achieving short- and medium-term fitness goals, and it’s believed it could do the same for you. Yes, the initial investment may seem steep, but the benefits have made it more than worthwhile.