Best Nike Footwear For Training: Our Picks To Up Your Game

Nike trainers have universal appeal, catering to urban dwellers, basketball players, and long-distance runners. They’re a staple in shoe collections worldwide, embraced as the go-to footwear of choice. Nike has firmly established itself at the forefront thanks to acclaimed designers such as Kim Jones, Chitose Abe, and the late Virgil Abloh, who’ve featured Swoosh-adorned sneakers in their recent runway collections of fashion. As a result, even the most discerning fashion enthusiasts now share a love for Nike trainers with loyal sneakerheads who’ve been sporting the brand since day one.

How Nike was born

The tale of Nike originates from Blue Ribbon Sports, founded in 1964. Then, Phil Knight completed his studies at the University of Oregon and earned an MBA from Stanford. These two experiences proved to be pivotal in shaping the course of his future.

Knight was a track and field team member at the University of Oregon, where he luckily met the coach, Bill Bowerman. Bowerman was highly competitive and deeply intrigued with improving his athletes’ footwear, continually experimenting with various models after gaining insights from a nearby cobbler.

Per Nike, Knight was the inaugural student to test out a pair of Bowerman’s shoes. Recognizing Knight as a relatively low-risk test subject, Bowerman proposed taking one of his shoes and modifying it with his unique design. Knight agreed, and apparently, the shoes performed so exceptionally that his teammate Otis Davis wore them and won a gold medal in the 400-meter dash at the 1960 Olympics. To this day, Davis maintains that Bowerman designed the shoes specifically for him.

After finishing his course at the University of Oregon, Knight enrolled in Stanford’s MBA program. He authored a paper proposing that the manufacturing of running shoes should relocate from Germany, the current hub, to Japan due to more affordable labor costs. Shortly after graduating in 1962, Knight journeyed to Japan, where he received the opportunity to test his theory—agreeing with a consortium of Japanese businesspeople to import their highly sought-after Tiger shoes into the United States.

Knight had the opportunity to put his theory into practice when he visited Japan after graduating in 1962. He secured a deal with a consortium of Japanese business people to export their popular Tiger shoes to the United States.

Coach Bowerman, who held the conviction that German shoes are the finest on the market, supported Knight’s endeavor within duplication and enhancement. As a result, they established a new company, Blue Ribbon Sports, in Eugene, Oregon, on January 25, 1964, with both parties owning an equal 50% share.

By August 1966, Onitsuka Tiger had agreed to produce pairs of the Cortez, and within two years, the shoe had become a bestseller for both companies. Its popularity among athletes and tastemakers was a tribute to Bowerman’s ability to create stylish and comfortable shoes. Blue Ribbon Sports was thriving, with profits increasing and the company expanding, but soon there were problems on the horizon.

After a series of disagreements, Blue Ribbon Sports and Onitsuka Tiger decided to end their partnership in 1971. Bowerman, Knight, and their team then rebranded, giving birth to a new company name – Nike. The name was inspired by a dream of a new employee, who came up with the Greek Goddess of Victory’s moniker. The iconic Swoosh logo was designed by Carolyn Davidson, a Portland State University student, and illustrator, for a mere $35. But don’t fret. Davidson received 500 shares of Nike stock over a decade later. With a revamped identity, Blue Ribbon Sports officially became Nike, Inc., and well, you guessed it, the rest is history!

Our top picks

This part is probably why you have clicked on the article, so without further ado, here are our top Nike training shoes you can buy for training.


Discover the revolutionary Nike SuperRep Go 3 Flyknit Shoe – a design that blends sustainability and innovation seamlessly. Its zoned Flyknit construction offers 360-degree comfort and support by wrapping around your foot. With a finely ground, reclaimed foam midsole, you’ll enjoy responsive cushioning for high-impact training. Plus, the lightweight and packable design makes it easy to carry them wherever your next workout takes you.


Attention all runners! Get ready to enhance your performance with the pro-athlete-approved Nike Air Zoom Tempo NEXT% running trainer. This model features two isolated zoom air pods under the forefoot, and two types of responsive midsole foams – ZoomX foam and Nike React foam. With a flyknit upper and a collapsible heel, the Nike Air Zoom Tempo NEXT% offers unparalleled support and comfort to take your running game to the next level.


Nike’s Metcon shoe is a versatile choice for all gym areas, and the latest model – the Metcon 8 – is just as suitable for HIIT and lifting workouts as its predecessor. Featuring Nike’s React midsole foam, it provides a lightweight and responsive layer of cushioning to absorb impact during jumps or treadmill sprints. With rubber wraps at the shoe’s arch, you’ll have the necessary grip to tackle rope climbs and a wide heel for a stable base during lifts. The mesh upper promotes breathability and cooling, while the inclusion of a handstand clip makes it ideal for wall exercises. The Metcon 8 proves that Nike excels at making shoes for running records and gym time.


The Alpha Trainer is a stylish shoe in five different designs, perfect for tackling heavy lifts at the gym. Nike has crafted a sturdy base to support your movements, incorporating an Air Max unit at the heel for added cushioning and support.

The rubber wraps to ensure your feet remain in prime position, while the tread pattern provides optimal grip to keep you firmly planted on the ground. The mesh upper ensures breathability, allowing your feet to stay cool and dry during intense workouts. Additionally, a heel pull tab makes it easy to slip on and off after your gym session. The Alpha Trainer is the perfect combination of style and function for your lifting needs.


After experiencing the Nike Alphafly 2, your old racing shoes will never feel the same. These shoes are designed to help you beat your records without sacrificing the stability and support you need to go the distance. A thick yet lightweight support system seamlessly merges comfort and speed, allowing you to achieve any racing shoe’s most significant energy return. With these rocket ships on your feet, you can leave the competition in the dust as you chase your personal bests. Get ready for holy running matrimony with the Nike Alphafly 2.


If running has become a regular part of your routine, you want a shoe to keep you comfortable on those long runs. The Nike Renew Run 4 provides exceptional cushioning and
responsiveness, making it the perfect choice for runners who want to push themselves further and tackle more miles with enthusiasm. With this shoe, you can look forward to the next leg of your running journey with confidence and excitement.


Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 3 is a fantastic training shoe for various reasons. First and foremost, the shoe is designed with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) in mind, making it ideal for athletes and fitness enthusiasts who engage in a wide range of workouts, including plyometrics, agility drills, and strength training.

The shoe features a unique, segmented sole that provides exceptional stability and support during lateral movements, ensuring your feet stay firmly planted on the ground during quick and explosive movements. Additionally, the Zoom Air cushioning in the forefoot provides responsive cushioning, reducing the impact of high-impact activities on your feet and legs.


The Nike Metcon 4 is a versatile and high-performing training shoe with features such as a stable sole, durable construction, comfortable and breathable design, and customizable color options. It is an excellent choice for weightlifting, CrossFit, and HIIT workouts.


The Nike Reax 8TR is a great shoe for those who want comfort and stability during their workouts. The shoe features a durable leather and mesh upper, providing breathability and support. The signature Nike Reax, heel cushioning system delivers excellent shock absorption, reducing the impact of high-intensity workouts. The solid rubber outsole offers reliable traction and durability, while the forefoot flex grooves allow for natural foot movement. The shoe’s sleek design and bold color options make it a stylish choice for any fitness enthusiast.

Is it essential to wear the correct shoes?

If you’re serious about your fitness or weight loss goals, wearing appropriate sports shoes is essential, whether you’re into running, walking, sports, or weight lifting. Wearing unsuitable shoes can result in injuries that can stop your progress. A good quality shoe can help prevent foot and ankle damage and enhance your overall workout experience. If running is your go-to exercise, investing in shoes specifically designed for running can further support your health and fitness goals. So, choosing the right pair of sports shoes can make a huge difference in your fitness journey.

Will it cost a lot of money?

Although high-end running shoes cost over £100, they offer better quality than cheaper alternatives. These shoes are usually lighter in weight and use premium materials that last longer and provide better protection. However, it is possible to find previous year’s versions of top-of-the-line shoes online at a discounted price. In most cases, the differences between the last year’s performance and the latest version are minimal, allowing you to purchase a premium running shoe for a fraction of the original cost. If you want to save money while still obtaining a high-quality running shoe, it’s worth considering purchasing a previous year’s version of a top-tier shoe.

Can I wash my gym shoes?

Ensure the longevity of your gym shoes by following the manufacturer’s guidelines for washing them. While some shoes can be washed in a washing machine, it may be better to hand wash them instead. Using cold water in the washing machine can also help prevent color bleeding. Removing the laces and insoles before washing is also recommended to allow for a more thorough cleaning. By taking these simple steps, you can effectively clean your gym shoes while preserving their quality and extending lifespan.


In conclusion, the tale of Nike’s origin highlights the importance of innovation, dedication, and collaboration in achieving success. From the early experiments of Coach Bowerman to Phil Knight’s vision for affordable sports shoes, the company’s evolution has been driven by a commitment to creating top-quality products. Wearing the right sports shoes is crucial for anyone serious about their fitness goals, and investing in high-quality shoes can help prevent injuries and enhance performance. However, finding affordable options is possible by looking for previous year’s versions of top-tier shoes online. Caring for your gym shoes can extend their lifespan and keep them in top condition. Ultimately, Nike’s legacy is a testament to the power of determination and passion in pursuing your dreams. And as Nike says… JUST DO IT!

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